…I wanted to thank you for the wonderful messages you gave me from my uncle, I will never be able to begin to describe how much that meant to me, you will forever have a permanent place in my heart. You made me so comfortable and so able to confide in you, and I will forever appreciate that feeling. Thank you again, and I’m so happy and honored that I was able to meet you! Hope to see you again soon, and I will be in touch also! Thanks again… ❤️     -Amy – Holyoke, MA (Jan 2019)

I always feel happy after talking & being with you – thank you.     -Donna – Boston MA & Stuart FL

“Our talk really helped ease the pain.  As much as I may hate it, my friend’s work here…is done,…Just wanted to thank you.“     -Jan B – Brookfield CT

“You may think I’m nuts but I need to tell you that when/after I talk to you I feel somewhat at peace, maybe it’s your connection with the universe or maybe it’s because we are such good friends….but I wanted you to know you’ve got special abilities.”     – Gloria F, CT

“Amazing! Thank you, Sarah. Too bad we had to wait 20 years for the real story!”  [The Drowning of a Seaside City].     -Mayor Mary Moran – Bridgeport CT

“I found it [The Drowning of a Seaside City] so EXITING, INVIGERATING, FAST-PACED.  Couldn’t put it down.”     -Linda – CT

“If you would like to gain an understanding of spirituality, this insightful little book [Spiritual Healing 101] is for you.  …It is a great introduction and guide to spirituality…carry it with you!”     -Nina – NY

“On behalf of Brookfield HS and our HOSA Program I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  [your presentation]…was so good for our students…  They are so hungry for your information and your healing words… I felt your healing energy and …the best I have felt in a long time…  I think more students would like to hear about what you have to say…”     -Sue T – Brookfield CT

“I also wanted to let you know that you were right…  You really do have good intuition.  Thank you for all your insight.  You were very helpful.”     -Linda – TX

“I always feel better after I talk to you.”     -Doris D – Stratford CT

“Sarah sorts through issues with unexpected ease and her Reiki training is reflected in her sensitivity and keen perception.  Sarah is a straight forward thinker who finds the light at the end of the tunnel with compassion and wit.”     -Anita – Easthampton MA